Example of the Dynamic Post Filter (Operator “IN AND”)

This post demonstrates the use of a shortcode to display the dynamic post filter with the operator "IN AND" (at least one match in each group).


This example uses the operator “IN AND”: The list shows posts, that have at least one tag among the selected tags of each group. That means, we use the operator “IN” (= “among”) for tags of each group, and “AND” on the group level. For example: (tag 1 or tag 2 or tag 3 from group 1) and (tag 4 or tag 5 or tag 6 from group 2) and …

This filter is useful if you want to narrow down a list of products: Pick your size and your favorite colors, and see which products match. Or organize your portfolio of photos: Visitors select a shooting location and image sizes and choose between landscape, portrait, interior and so on.

The “static taxonomy” below restricts the filter on a category that contains only those sample posts. The parameter “include” reduced the scope of tag groups.


See all parameters.


[tag_groups_dpf static_taxonomy="category" static_terms="12" operator="IN AND" include="1,2,3" display_amount=1 sumoselect=1 message_amount_singular="One recipe found." message_amount_plural="We found {count} recipes." caching_time=60 persistent_filter=20]


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