Shuffle Box

This page uses the Tag Groups plugin. These demos show how to use the Shuffle Box option. The Shuffle Box is a tag cloud that allows you to filter the tags by their names or by their tag groups

  • You do need to have tags organized into groups to use this feature.
  • You can use either shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks to display this feature.
  • This feature is available in the Pro version of Tag Groups.
  • Click here for documentation on Shuffle Boxes.

Example #1. Basic Shuffle Box

This first example uses the simplest Shuffle Box format, displaying three groups and a search box.

Example #2. Shuffle Box With Color

This next example shows a shuffle box with an added color scheme, plus also text after each tag.

Example #3. Shuffle Box With a Vertical Layout

This next example shows a shuffle box with a vertical layout. The display is still dynamic, but the tags here are ordered from most popular to least popular.