Table Tag Cloud

This page uses the Tag Groups plugin. This display organizes tags in a table, with groups as headers.

  • You do need to have tags organized into groups to use this feature.
  • You can use either shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks to display this feature.
  • This feature is available in the Pro version of Tag Groups.
  • Click here for documentation on Table Tag Clouds.

Example #1: Basic Table

This first example uses the simplest table format, displaying tags from four different groups.

Meal Type Ingredients Preparation Origin
breakfast and brunch , cold meal , dessert , main dish , salad , side dish , starter apple cider vinegar , baking powder , beef , beer , bread crumbs , butter , cabbage , cacao powder , cardamon , cheese , chicken , cilantro , coconut oil , cornstarch , cumin baking , boiling , cold meal , grilling & frying Austria , Brasil , Canada , Chile , Czech Republic , Denmark , France , Germany , India , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Korea , Laos , Mexico

Example #2: Table With Color and Text

This next example uses a table display, but with a color scheme and we’ve added the number of results after each tag.

Language Type Level
Czech3 results English3 results French4 results German4 results Italian2 results Japanese2 results Russian3 results Ukrainian1 results attendance course13 results audio course5 results correspondence course3 results video chat6 results advanced8 results beginners9 results intermediate11 results

Example #3: Table With a Tooltip

These tag cloud uses custom styling and a custom tooltip. We also append the number of posts to each tag.

Meal Type Preparation Preparation Time Origin
breakfast and brunch2 starter1 cold meal2 main dish4 salad1 side dish1 dessert1 baking3 boiling3 cold meal2 grilling & frying4 5 min1 15 min3 30 mins1 1 hour3 3+ hours1 Slovakia1 Austria1 Czech Republic1 Denmark1 France1 Germany1 India1 Italy2 Japan3 Korea1 Myanmar1 Netherlands1 Switzerland1 Thailand1 Ukraine1 UK2 USA1