Tag List

This page uses the Tag Groups plugin. These demos show tags sorted into groups and using a list display.

  • You do need to have tags organized into groups to use this feature.
  • You can use either shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks to display this feature.
  • This feature is available in the Free and the Pro version of Tag Groups.
  • Click here for documentation on Tag Lists.

Example #1: Basic Tag List

This display uses the Gutenberg block and has four tag groups included. The tags are automatically sorted into their groups.

Example #2: Tag List With Colors

This next demo uses the same settings as above, except that we have added a red color scheme, plus the number of times the tag is used.

Example #3: Tag List With Popular Tags Only

This next example uses the most popular five tags from each group. We’ve also add custom text at the end of each term label.